Here’s your guy!

Phillip Goff is brilliant. Anytime I’ve had legal matters to deal with, he has been very prompt, thorough and courteous in his response. I’ve always been leery of any professional who has to over-advertise his business. Mr. Goff doesn’t do that. It’s good to know there are honest lawyers who are not out there just to make a buck.

- Power Of Attorney client

He Saved My Career.

I recommend attorney Philip Goff to anyone who has a traffic violation in Texas. I had an accident in the Corpus Christi area that could have ended my career as a commercial driver, if it appeared on my record. He saved my driving career by keeping it off my record. Above all, he knows how to work with the courts to help preserve your good driving record. 

- a client

Knowledgeable and Responsive Attorney

As a former practicing lawyer, I did a thorough search for an someone who could help me with a school zone traffic violation in a one stoplight town hundreds of miles from home. After reviewing online information for several attorneys, I decided on hiring Phil Goff. What a great decision! It took almost a year for this matter to be resolved because of a lack of attention by the city, but Phil stayed on top of it. He was always quick to respond to my inquiries and had plenty of experience to know what I should expect. Although this was far from being a significant case, it was amazing to me that Phil was nevertheless always quick to respond every time I had a question. Great guy…you will be well represented by him. Very satisfied client.

- a client

Mr. Goff Represented

Mr Goff Represented a loved one of mine. He did an outstanding job of describing and creating a verbal interpretation that really drew an accurate and detailed explanation of the efforts of the defendant that ultimately wont the case for my loved one. I highly recommend Mr. Goff.

- Eric

Great Attorney

Mr. Goff represented me in my DWI case. He worked fast and took care of my license to not get suspended. He was informative and took the time to understand my story and case. He had a standard fee per charge and when the court removed two charges he without needing to be asked gave me money back for not having to represent me on those charges. He is very knowledgeable and I definitely recommend him if you need representation or consultation.

- DUI & DWI client

Probation Reinstated

Phillip is an awesome Lawyer, took care of my care is speedy fashion and is what I was looking for. Great job thank you so much!

- a client


I’am a OTR Driver trying to make a living so anything I do goes on my licences , To make a long story short, No Police were need’ed in this incident untell the grumpy man took off with my insurance paper, “not good” it caused me to have to call the Police, and what happen’s, ‘YES’ I get the ticket of course, big fine and point’s go on my licences “NOT GOOD” .. Mr.Goff saved my licences, he went to court for me, i did’nt even have to be there, that was nice. no point’s on my licences and just a small fine. I strongly recommend calling Mr.Goff for his services!!

- Tammy

Excellent Lawyer

I got a speeding ticket 13 years ago that came up recently when I tried to renew my license. I live in Dallas, but was in the Kleberg County area in 2001, coming back from South Padre vacation. Since I could not get my license renewed until I took care of this ticket, I started looking for a lawyer. Being a very skeptical person by nature, I was wary of hiring a lawyer online. I found Phillip after doing a few searches and immediately ask him to take my case. He agreed to help me out and throughout this lengthy ordeal, he kept me well informed of the status. After battling the courts for a several months, he had the case dismissed. I have already recommended him to my family members in Corpus Christi. Thanks Phil!

- Don

What an awesome experience!!!!!!!!

I will admit that I had quite a few tickets that I had not taken care of for many years. Well eventually it caught up with me and I was unable to renew my drivers license. I always blew it off saying I would eventually take care of it just because I thought it would be so complicated and expensive. But I finally had to do it and let me tell you I wish I would have hired Mr. Goff years back. The process was so fast! And he saved me a lot of money and kept all my citations off my record. I was able to view all documents online and received messages consistently from him when there were updates to my cases. I definitely recommend you hire Mr. Goff!!!!!!

- Jose

Outstanding Job! Outstanding Lawyer


I am an Owner Operator and I needed a lawyer NOW. I had received several tickets in a construction zone and my lease with my company was in jeopardy of being pulled. This is my career and the means of supporting my family.

I needed a lawyer and looked on the internet and the first name that I found was Mr. Phillip Goff. I was nervous and scared with all that was at stake, but I made the call.

I sent Mr. Goff all the information he requested. Mr. Goff did not stop there. He personally investigated the scene, took pictures and from that point he know exactly what he needed to do.

The only thing I can say is that you limit the small talk and stick to the facts, Mr. Goff will take care of everything else! He did an outstanding Job and saved my Family and my career by getting ALL of my tickets dismissed with all the information that he spent time gathering and putting together. He did not stop until he was sure he had all the facts to do his job to the fullest.

I will and do recommend Mr. Goff if you EVER Need an attorney. He Will get the Job done right the first time.

- Terry

Awesome Attorney!!

Hi, I had a few cases for speeding when visiting family coming from Frisco, Texas. I hired Mr. Phillip Goff to help me; right away he was very adamant regarding the plan we discussed on my case! He is very friendly and direct with you on everything such as, what he can do for you, cost and possibilities.

Phillip was able to Dismiss all of my tickets with no issue’s at all! Great honest, cool guy!!!

- Elvis

Responsive, Professional, Thorough

Mr. Goff represented me after I received a traffic ticket. He was very helpful in answering all of my questions and he kept the ticket off of my driving record. I would recommend his services to anyone charged with a driving offense.

- Colin

Florida Extradition to Texas

My daughter was extradited to Texas and I had no idea of where to begin. I searched online for attorneys in the Kingsville area and thank goodness i came across Mr Phillip Goff. From the beginning of our initial conversation put me at ease. He took care of all my daughters legal issues immediately, kept me well informed in the goings on, and even visited her once she arrived on a Sunday night to say the least. Very professional, very informative and an excellent attorney. He handled all aspects of her court issues very fast and we were reunited within a weeks time. I live in the Tampa Florida area which has a lot of big firms and big name attorneys, this guy would put them all to shame in my opinion.
Couldn’t have done it without him.

- Kelly

Mr. Goff is an outstanding lawyer!

I was facing several different criminal charges. I was certain that my clean record was ruined and that I could be convicted. When I got bailed out, my father told me that he had found a great attorney to represent me. The very hour I got out, Mr. Goff met with us. After telling him the details of what happened, he knew all the different courses of action we could take and thoroughly explained each one. Once we decided what to do in regards of the case, my mind was put at ease. He handled everything from there. It was as if I wasn’t even on trial. He kept me informed throughout and even gave me an online account for my case including all the documentation for it. He fought for my case relentlessly and managed to get ALL of my charges dropped. I cannot begin to thank Phillip enough for what he has accomplished for me.

- Chris

He got my drug case dropped!

I went to court without a lawyer for a drug possession charge. I was on parole and was real worried about going back to prison. I watched all the lawyers in the courtroom as they represented their clients. One stood out more than the others. I liked how he handled himself. He was confident and sharp when he talked to the judge. That lawyer was Mr. Goff.

When Mr. Goff left the court room, I ran out into the hallway and asked to talk to him about representing me. After we talked, I asked the judge to give me more time to hire him

I have had other attorneys and lots of other cases, and Mr. Goff is the only one who ever worked hard for me. Other lawyers just told me to say I was guilty, but Mr. Goff said the search was illegal and to go to trial, if we had to. When it was all over, my possession case was dismissed! I didn’t have to worry about going to prison! I am grateful to Mr. Goff for the rest of my life. 

- Criminal Defense client