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Outstanding Job! Best Lawyer Ever

Outstanding Job! BEST LAWYER EVER.

I am an Owner Operator and I needed a lawyer NOW. I had received several tickets in a construction zone and my lease with my company was in jeopardy of being pulled. This is my career and the means of supporting my family.

I needed a lawyer and looked on the internet and the first name that I found was Mr. Phillip Goff. I was nervous and scared with all that was at stake, but I made the call.


I sent Mr. Goff all the information he requested. Mr. Goff did not stop there. He personally investigated the scene, took pictures and from that point he know exactly what he needed to do.

The only thing I can say is that you limit the small talk and stick to the facts, Mr. Goff will take care of everything else! He did an outstanding Job and saved my Family and my career by getting ALL of my tickets dismissed with all the information that he spent time gathering and putting together. He did not stop until he was sure he had all the facts to do his job to the fullest.

I will and do recommend Mr. Goff if you EVER Need an attorney. He Will get the Job done right the first time.