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He got my drug case dropped!

I went to court without a lawyer for a drug possession charge. I was on parole and was real worried about going back to prison. I watched all the lawyers in the courtroom as they represented their clients. One stood out more than the others. I liked how he handled himself. He was confident and sharp when he talked to the judge. That lawyer was Mr. Goff.

When Mr. Goff left the court room, I ran out into the hallway and asked to talk to him about representing me. After we talked, I asked the judge to give me more time to hire him.

I have had other attorneys and lots of other cases, and Mr. Goff is the only one who ever worked hard for me. Other lawyers just told me to say I was guilty, but Mr. Goff said the search was illegal and to go to trial, if we had to. When it was all over, my possession case was dismissed! I didn’t have to worry about going to prison! I am grateful to Mr. Goff for the rest of my life. He’s the best!