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Here’s your guy!

Here’s your guy!

Phillip Goff is brilliant. Anytime I’ve had legal matters to deal with, he has been very prompt, thorough and courteous in his response. I’ve always been leery of any professional who has to over-advertise his business. Mr. Goff doesn’t do that. It’s good to know there are honest lawyers who are not out there just

He Saved My Career

I recommend attorney Philip Goff to anyone who has a traffic violation in Texas. I had an accident in the Corpus Christi area that could have ended my career as a commercial driver, if it appeared on my record. He saved my driving career by keeping it off my record. Above all, he knows how

He got my drug case dropped!

I went to court without a lawyer for a drug possession charge. I was on parole and was real worried about going back to prison. I watched all the lawyers in the courtroom as they represented their clients. One stood out more than the others. I liked how he handled himself. He was confident and

Mr. Goff is an outstanding lawyer!

I was facing several different criminal charges. I was certain that my clean record was ruined and that I could be convicted. When I got bailed out, my father told me that he had found a great attorney to represent me. The very hour I got out, Mr. Goff met with us. After telling him

Responsive, Professional, Thorough

Mr. Goff represented me after I received a traffic ticket. He was very helpful in answering all of my questions and he kept the ticket off of my driving record. I would recommend his services to anyone charged with a driving offense.

Florida Extradition to Texas

My daughter was extradited to Texas and I had no idea of where to begin. I searched online for attorneys in the Kingsville area and thank goodness i came across Mr Phillip Goff. From the beginning of our initial conversation put me at ease. He took care of all my daughters legal issues immediately, kept

Awesome Attorney!!

Hi, I had a few cases for speeding when visiting family coming from Frisco, Texas. I hired Mr. Phillip Goff to help me; right away he was very adamant regarding the plan we discussed on my case! He is very friendly and direct with you on everything such as, what he can do for you,

Outstanding Job! Best Lawyer Ever

Outstanding Job! BEST LAWYER EVER. I am an Owner Operator and I needed a lawyer NOW. I had received several tickets in a construction zone and my lease with my company was in jeopardy of being pulled. This is my career and the means of supporting my family. I needed a lawyer and looked on

What an awesome experience!!!!!!!!

I will admit that I had quite a few tickets that I had not taken care of for many years. Well eventually it caught up with me and I was unable to renew my drivers license. I always blew it off saying I would eventually take care of it just because I thought it would

Excellent Lawyer

I got a speeding ticket 13 years ago that came up recently when I tried to renew my license. I live in Dallas, but was in the Kleberg County area in 2001, coming back from South Padre vacation. Since I could not get my license renewed until I took care of this ticket, I started