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Blood Alcohol Testing Explained Simply

Blood Alcohol Testing Explained Simply

Your Attorney Must Understand how Blood Alcohol Testing Works Blood alcohol testing is not that complex. A skilled DWI defense lawyer can always fight a blood sample lab test. Not all criminal defense attorneys know how to fight one, including some less experienced DWI attorneys. Your DWI lawyer must understand how the labs develop a

How to Get Your Speeding Ticket Dismissed

Don’t Fall For 3 Common Myths Most people who get a traffic ticket simply pay whatever they are told to pay.  I think that’s short-sighted and inflicts unnecessary self-harm. Of course, each person is entitled to make a personal decision on the matter based on their values and circumstances. However, I believe many of those

Breath Test

One question is asked of me in a social setting more than any other when people learn I am a DWI defense lawyer: “Should I blow or not?”  I realize they are usually just curious, but I refuse to answer.  I hate the question. The question has serious flaws, so giving an actual answer would

Spring Break 2021 : Pandemicpalooza

It’s Spring Break time again! The weather is turning for the better. It’s been a long pandemic. School may have been a grind, not the experience you expected or wanted. If you are reading this, you probably already got in some sort of trouble or have a loved one who has done so.  Over my