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Blood Alcohol Testing Explained Simply

Blood Alcohol Testing Explained Simply

Your Attorney Must Understand how Blood Alcohol Testing Works Blood alcohol testing is not that complex. A skilled DWI defense lawyer can always fight a blood sample lab test. Not all criminal defense attorneys know how to fight one, including some less experienced DWI attorneys. Your DWI lawyer must understand how the labs develop a

You did it. The Expert Says Science Proves It.

You are charged with murder.  You are innocent of the crime, yet you face life imprisonment.  You don’t have the $50,000 cash it costs to get out of jail before your trial.   You have no choice, so you just stay in jail. It will be a year before your trial starts.  Meanwhile, you lose your

Netflix Exposes Crime Labs

I recently finished watching “How to Fix a Drug Scandal” on Netflix, a documentary that exposes crime labs. The fact you are reading this blog means the program will likely interest you and inflame you. I recommend you watch it.   Spoiler Alert! Don’t read any further, if you plan to watch it.  Watch it,