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You CAN Challenge a DWI Blood Test!

You CAN Challenge a DWI Blood Test!

Here’s a fact everyone should know: no lab has the power to render a guilty verdict. I’ve heard many variations on this theme: “You can’t challenge blood test results.” That’s absolute nonsense.  The only way anyone could honestly say such a thing is to not know enough about the topic.  Trials are all about contesting

Blood Alcohol Testing Explained Simply

Your Attorney Must Understand how Blood Alcohol Testing Works Blood alcohol testing is not that complex. A skilled DWI defense lawyer can always fight a blood sample lab test. Not all criminal defense attorneys know how to fight one, including some less experienced DWI attorneys. Your DWI lawyer must understand how the labs develop a

Breath Test

One question is asked of me in a social setting more than any other when people learn I am a DWI defense lawyer: “Should I blow or not?”  I realize they are usually just curious, but I refuse to answer.  I hate the question. The question has serious flaws, so giving an actual answer would