Why a Criminal Defense Lawyer is Critical and How to Decide Whom to Hire

Why a Criminal Defense Lawyer is Critical and How to Decide Whom to Hire

If you are even suspected of a felony or misdemeanor, find a good criminal defense lawyer instead of cooperating with the police.

Being charged with a felony or misdemeanor can be stressful and life-changing. You might be facing penalties, jail time, loss of work, and financial uncertainty.

The police have an important job to do: to protect and serve the public. Many cops are honest and perform honorably in the line of duty. Some go too far by abusing people’s rights, jumping to incorrect conclusions, and recklessly charging people with sketchy or made up evidence.

If you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, you need to think seriously about contacting the Law Offices of Phillip W. Goff. Even when you believe you are completely innocent, the system is stacked against you. You need an advocate who is trustworthy and skilled at guarding and asserting your rights, so as to achieve a better outcome.

What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Attorney

Choosing the best lawyer is hard. How should that decision be made? A friend who had a decent experience? A flashy website with a lawyer bragging about himself/herself? The first website found on Google?

How can a person go about making that choice, especially when they don’t know how to judge how “good” an attorney is? Add in the stress and threat of a criminal charge, whether a felony or misdemeanor, and a disastrous decision could be made out of desperation.

Consider a few simple, important concepts. Experience matters. Choose a lawyer with experience in criminal defense. Knowledge matters. Choose a lawyer with knowledge in criminal defense. Success matters. Choose a lawyer who has had success in defending people charged with crimes. Staying current matters. Choose a lawyer who is up to date with the most current information, publications, and training. Attorney-Client communication matters. Choose a lawyer who is able to communicate well and freely. Technology pervades every aspect of modern life. Choose a lawyer who is technologically competent. People matter, including those accused of crimes. Choose a lawyer who cares about people, even guilty people. Relationships matter. Choose a lawyer you feel you can trust.

Look at what Phillip Goff’s clients have to say about him. Look what his peers have to say about him. Phillip W. Goff is active in multiple criminal defense lawyer groups and engages with top national criminal defense attorneys on a daily basis.

As with any endeavor, someone who is routinely engaged in a pursuit of excellence is a fine choice. Phillip W. Goff constantly pursues excellence on behalf of himself and his clients.

How Should You Plea?

Everyone wants a lawyer who will “fight”. No one wants a quitter as a criminal defense attorney. Fighting is a great analogy because we all want someone who will not back down and won’t quit. Sometimes, the evidence is strong and damning. Sometimes, fighting for someone can cause more harm than good. Sometimes, it is wise to cut losses or manage risk. This is where plea bargains come into play.

Plea bargains should be just that: bargains. They should be a benefit to a person charged with a crime. If they’re not, trial is a better option. Frequently, the prosecutor makes a “plea offer”, which limits consequences in exchange for avoiding a contested trial on the charges. Such arrangements are extraordinarily broad. Criminal defense lawyers negotiate these regularly. Not all criminal defense lawyers get the same offers, based on many factors, including the known ability of an individual criminal defense lawyer.

What to Expect if You Go to Trial

A trial by jury is normally stressful, especially for a person charged with a crime. Innocent Until Proven Guilty should be Innocent UNLESS Proven Guilty. The presumption of innocence is a cornerstone of our free society. Prospective jurors already believe there is good reason they have jury duty, and that’s because someone did something wrong. That someone is you.

In truth, the prosecution’s case is on trial because it must overcome the presumption of innocence to win. Challenging the case against you is part of a criminal defense lawyer’s job.

Criminal defense attorneys in Nueces County, whether they are defending DWI cases, drug possession, or defending commercial drivers on traffic citations, or even on simple traffic tickets, MUST be willing to stand up in court and fight for you, even challenging people who may end up on a jury.

A Relationship of Trust

Phillip W. Goff knows you have a serious criminal defense matter. Conversations with Phillip W. Goff are private and protected by attorney-client privilege, as long as an attorney-client privilege is established. Judgment and condemnation are not part of the process at this firm. Guilty, Not Guilty, or absolutely Innocent, each client matters. Whether it’s complete vindication for innocence or managing a situation which seems hopeless because guilt is clear, he’s got your back.