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“Free Consultation” – It May Not Be What You Think It Is

“Free Consultation” – It May Not Be What You Think It Is

Most criminal defense lawyers offer a “free consultation”. That term doesn’t have a strict definition, and its meaning may vary dramatically from lawyer to lawyer. It may not be what you think it is.  This is my take on the topic. What may be free to one lawyer is 5 minutes, but another lawyer may

Lawyering Isn’t For The Faint of Heart

Being a lawyer can be tougher than you might believe.  Popular culture and belief associate lawyers with importance, power, and money, among other glamorous attributes.  Reality is much more grounded. As lawyers, our mental and emotional well-being are at extreme risk.  We abuse alcohol and drugs far more than other people.  Our suicide rate far

Why are Lawyers So Expensive?

 Why are Lawyers So Expensive? Lawyers are expensive for good reason. Becoming a lawyer is expensive, time consuming, and hard.  The same is true about practicing as a lawyer.  It’s not as simple as trading time for money.  Bringing together massive monetary investment, years of arduous study, and years of experience produce a big price

Brooks County, Texas: Ground Zero

Brooks County, Texas, is a sleepy rural county with more than its share of poverty.  You’d never suspect it was a hotbed of activity, but it is.  Federal law enforcement there boasts the nation’s busiest Border Patrol checkpoint.  It leads the nation in apprehension of undocumented migrants.  It seizes illegal drugs at a record pace.  National

Grand Jury: Constitutional Protection, But Easily Manipulated

You have a right to a grand jury.  Yes, you really do. Really.  It’s right there in The Fifth Amendment of our country’s Constitution.  It’s important.  It matters.  Seriously, it does.  Grand juries are fundamental to freedom. They stretch back at least 800 years and appear in the Magna Carta, one of the most important

“They Didn’t Read Me My [Miranda] Rights.” And?

Reading Your Rights To You After Arrest Is Not Required Miranda Is One Of The Best-Known U.S. Supreme Court Case Names “They didn’t read me my [Miranda] rights.” Sometimes Miranda is named; sometimes it’s not.  The Supreme Court case Miranda v. Arizona is so ingrained in the popular mind many people can actually name it

Best Lawyers? The Top Lawyers? Buyer Beware*

Have you been looking for a lawyer to handle your case? Would you like to find the best lawyers, the top lawyers? Wouldn’t it be great to hire a lawyer who has been named “Top X” (X is whatever number sounds impressive)? Mega? Nationally ranked? Premiere? Elite? Best?  Some other catchy, impressive title on a

6 Things Which Don’t Win Your DWI (By Themselves)

Your DWI May Have Some Great Defenses, But These Usually Aren’t In some ways, these topics might be woven into your overall defense strategy, but it’s not as simple as people think.  To win your DWI case, your lawyer should use whatever is available. 1) “They didn’t read me my rights.” Most people mean Miranda