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CDL Drivers Beware!

CDL Drivers Beware!

Some “Good” Employers Can Ruin Your Career if they automatically pay the fine. Many commercial carriers require their CDL* drivers to turn in any ticket they are issued.  Good reasons exist for this practice. Each company has a wide range of ticket policies.  Some employers mistakenly think paying the ticket for their driver is somehow

Spring Break: 11 things you should know, legally

That sweet time finally has come after a dreary winter: Spring Break.  Countless thousands of partying college students will flood beaches from South Padre Island to Port Aransas to Galveston.  Try your best to stay safe while you have a good time. While you’re at it, try not to regret it the rest of your

“They Didn’t Read Me My [Miranda] Rights.” And?

Reading Your Rights To You After Arrest Is Not Required Miranda Is One Of The Best-Known U.S. Supreme Court Case Names “They didn’t read me my [Miranda] rights.” Sometimes Miranda is named; sometimes it’s not.  The Supreme Court case Miranda v. Arizona is so ingrained in the popular mind many people can actually name it

Should You Plead No Contest?

Few criminal law concepts are as simple and as misunderstood as the term “nolo contendere”, otherwise called “no contest”.  The two terms say the same thing in different languages, so I’ll just use “no contest” in this piece. In my practice, I’ve encountered many people who seem to have the misguided notion they shouldn’t or

Google Self-Driving Cars and the Future

Change is Inevitable, and This One is BIG Google self-driving cars represent a change of epic proportion, not only in how we use cars themselves, but in how it will affect other aspects of society.  Google’s prospects of meeting its ambitious goals for the marketplace appears to be better than ever since it teamed up

Self-Driving Cars: Get Used to the Thought of Them

Google Self-Driving Cars: On Their Way to a Road Near You! Ten million self-driving cars may be on the road by 2020, according to Business Insider.  (Self-driving cars are hereinafter referred to as SDCs in this blog entry.) If the concept of SDCs bothers you, relax. Cars with zero human control are still in their infancy

Gory, Blood Draw Labor Day Weekend in Corpus Christi

YOU ARE BEING THREATENED BY THE DA The Nueces County District Attorney just threatened YOU in public fashion. The threat? You will be forcibly strapped down or held down by numerous cops, followed by having a “qualified” person forcibly jam a needle in your arm while you struggle, drawing as much blood as law enforcement believes they need.  If

Invalid Driver Licenses, Part I – As of September 1, 2019, the surcharge program has been eliminated. To the extent this blog addresses the disastrous effects of the surcharge screw, please disregard that part of it.

Legislators appear enamored with holding driver licenses hostage. When I started as a lawyer, I discovered at least 17 different ways people could lose their licenses. Licenses can be invalidated for not paying child support, non-payment of surcharges, conviction of possession of marijuana and other drugs, driving while license invalid, refusal to provide a breath