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Brooks County, Texas: Ground Zero

Brooks County, Texas: Ground Zero

Brooks County, Texas, is a sleepy rural county with more than its share of poverty.  You’d never suspect it was a hotbed of activity, but it is.  Federal law enforcement there boasts the nation’s busiest Border Patrol checkpoint.  It leads the nation in apprehension of undocumented migrants.  It seizes illegal drugs at a record pace.  National

“They Didn’t Read Me My [Miranda] Rights.” And?

Reading Your Rights To You After Arrest Is Not Required Miranda Is One Of The Best-Known U.S. Supreme Court Case Names “They didn’t read me my [Miranda] rights.” Sometimes Miranda is named; sometimes it’s not.  The Supreme Court case Miranda v. Arizona is so ingrained in the popular mind many people can actually name it

6 Things Which Don’t Win Your DWI (By Themselves)

Your DWI May Have Some Great Defenses, But These Usually Aren’t In some ways, these topics might be woven into your overall defense strategy, but it’s not as simple as people think.  To win your DWI case, your lawyer should use whatever is available. 1) “They didn’t read me my rights.” Most people mean Miranda

Criminal Accountability

Bring ’em to Justice! Americans want criminals brought to justice for their crimes.  Few people consider who polices the police.  Cop, prosecutor, and judge accountability – it’s about time. Those in charge of ruining people’s lives should have a stake in the process, since they are the ones best suited to do anything about it.

Criminal Mis-In-Unjustice

Few systems designed by human beings can be as serious as one set up to take the very lives of people, their liberty, and their property. Our country’s foundational laws and philosophies are based upon the recognition of abusive government. Our most cherished rights and laws restrict government’s ability to take life, liberty, and property.

Google Self-Driving Cars and the Future

Change is Inevitable, and This One is BIG Google self-driving cars represent a change of epic proportion, not only in how we use cars themselves, but in how it will affect other aspects of society.  Google’s prospects of meeting its ambitious goals for the marketplace appears to be better than ever since it teamed up

Police Accountability in Corpus Christi

CCPD Officer Arrested AGAIN for Assault UPDATE: The now former CCPD officer was sentenced to 10 years in prison for continuous family violence and other felonies on July 2, 2019. Corpus Christi Police Department Senior Officer Tommy Cabello was arrested Friday a second time for assault involving a family member.  His previous charge also involved

Kitchen Certification

Imagine you run the public school systems’ kitchens throughout a state and have the title Executive Director of School Kitchens. You have a problem. The state legislature, the school board, and the public at large are expressing legitimate and serious concerns about whether your kitchens are providing safe food in sanitary conditions. Children have been

Body Cameras Key to Improving Police-Public Relations

CCPD IS USING BODY CAMERAS, BUT THEY NEED MORE According to a report on KRIS-TV, approximately 1/3 of Corpus Christi Police Department uniformed officers are wearing body cameras.  The station’s look at the matter is superficial, but it’s good to know it’s being observed.  Mandatory bodycams’ time is NOW.  Bodycams are THE existing technology which has

Gory, Blood Draw Labor Day Weekend in Corpus Christi

YOU ARE BEING THREATENED BY THE DA The Nueces County District Attorney just threatened YOU in public fashion. The threat? You will be forcibly strapped down or held down by numerous cops, followed by having a “qualified” person forcibly jam a needle in your arm while you struggle, drawing as much blood as law enforcement believes they need.  If