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Spring Break: 11 things you should know, legally

Spring Break: 11 things you should know, legally

That sweet time finally has come after a dreary winter: Spring Break.  Countless thousands of partying college students will flood beaches from South Padre Island to Port Aransas to Galveston.  Try your best to stay safe while you have a good time. While you’re at it, try not to regret it the rest of your

Institutional Racism, Part 2

Miss the first one? Go here >>> Institutional racism in the United States is real. Patriotic pride doesn’t negate it. A “colorblind” self-identity doesn’t negate it.  Having black friends doesn’t negate it. It is older than anyone alive, so none of us is to blame for starting it. Colorblindness defies reality, and we need to

Institutional Racism by Non-Racists? Part 1

Institutional racism by non-racists no longer requires having open, expressed hatred toward anyone because of the color of their skin. Race* makes a great difference in how people are treated in the United States of America, nonetheless. It has for over 400 years, and it continues now.  I believe most Americans consider overt racial discrimination

Legalized Racial Discrimination and More

Recently, I’ve been consuming books* about race in the United States. The first of these, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration In The Age Of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander, took me down an enlightening path. Although I was familiar with the legal cases, events, and history discussed, the book crystallized how they were connected.  The

“Land of the Free?”, Part 2

The United States of America is NOT the “Land of the Free”.  If that hurts your feelings, I’m with you.  In Part 1, I described in general terms the culmination of the “criminal justice” system in the United States of America.  We are less free, in that sense, than any country in the world because

Legalize Marijuana Now!

Texas and the US government should immediately repeal the prohibition against marijuana.  To do so would promote justice and fairness. Texas wrongly harms its people and promotes injustice by continuing to arrest and prosecute people over marijuana.   Millions of People Have Been Hurt Roughly 60,000 people’s lives every year are needlessly and callously marred

Should I Talk to the Police? In a word, No.

We frequently receive calls from people who tell us the police want to talk to them. They want to know whether it’s ever a good idea, even if on the surface it seems like all they want to do is ask a few innocent questions. No. Don’t do it. STOP.  Re-read the last two lines.


Spring Break is almost upon us.  South Texas beaches will be partying with hundreds of thousands of people at a time.  Alcohol is every bit as much a part of Spring Break as South Padre Island and Port Aransas.  (Yeah, I know, I know, so is weed.). Cameron County and Nueces County file hundreds of

Four Dumb Things People Do To Hurt Their Cases

Perhaps dumb is too harsh.  You don’t have to be dumb to do dumb things.  Avoiding unnecessary harm is often easily avoidable.  Try not to do the dumb things for your own sake (and your dependents’). Most people don’t think about being suspected of committing a crime. Most of my DWI clients certainly didn’t think