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Lawyering Isn’t For The Faint of Heart

Lawyering Isn’t For The Faint of Heart

Being a lawyer can be tougher than you might believe.  Popular culture and belief associate lawyers with importance, power, and money, among other glamorous attributes.  Reality is much more grounded. As lawyers, our mental and emotional well-being are at extreme risk. We abuse alcohol and drugs far more than other people. Our suicide rate far

Why are Lawyers So Expensive?

 Why are Lawyers So Expensive? Lawyers are expensive for good reason. Becoming a lawyer is expensive, time consuming, and hard.  The same is true about practicing as a lawyer.  It’s not as simple as trading time for money.  Bringing together massive monetary investment, years of arduous study, and years of experience produce a big price

5 Things Criminal Defense Lawyers Commonly Hear, Explained, Part 2

1) How much? And you can’t even guarantee a result? Yes, and yes. It’s common knowledge lawyers are expensive. People want the best lawyer they can get. If money were no object, I’m sure most people would hire the most expensive lawyer they could find. The cost of what you “save” on a lower lawyer

CDL Drivers Beware!

Some “Good” Employers Can Ruin Your Career if they automatically pay the fine. Many commercial carriers require their CDL* drivers to turn in any ticket they are issued.  Good reasons exist for this practice. Each company has a wide range of ticket policies.  Some employers mistakenly think paying the ticket for their driver is somehow