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6 Things Which Don’t Win Your DWI (By Themselves)

6 Things Which Don’t Win Your DWI (By Themselves)

Your DWI May Have Some Great Defenses, But These Usually Aren’t In some ways, these topics might be woven into your overall defense strategy, but it’s not as simple as people think.  To win your DWI case, your lawyer should use whatever is available. 1) “They didn’t read me my rights.” Most people mean Miranda

Should You Plead No Contest?

Few criminal law concepts are as simple and as misunderstood as the term “nolo contendere”, otherwise called “no contest”.  The two terms say the same thing in different languages, so I’ll just use “no contest” in this piece. In my practice, I’ve encountered many people who seem to have the misguided notion they shouldn’t or

BIG BROTHER Is Watching at All Times

On this Independence Day, Big Brother is no longer fiction. Sophisticated, sensitive recording devices surround you virtually everywhere you go. Enemy spies are everywhere (not really, but they might as well be). They are all carrying sophisticated surveillance devices.  These same spies dutifully report the most mundane of events in public and private life. Big